CIGMA Ramadan Quiz 2024


Only Registered Participants with a valid CRQ2024 ID are eligible for the Prize Money.
Category A
Daily Quiz Cash Prize & eCertificate. Everyday 10 Participants win Rs.200/- each
(1st Ramadan to 25th Ramadan)
  1. First 10 Participants to give all 10 Correct Answers will get Rs.200/- Cash Prize
  2. Cash Prize will be sent to the Winners via GPay / PhonePE / PAYTM before 10pm on the same day.
  3. The First 25 Participants to give all Correct Answers will get the eCertificate
  4. The eCertificate will be available for download from the website by 7pm onwards.

Limit on Winners

  1. One Registered Participant can be a winner in Daily Quiz for a maximum of 5 times Only.
  2. If a Registered Participant wins the Daily Cash Prize for 5 Times, he/she can still continue to Participate and increase the Overall Score to become eligible for the Grand Finale Quiz on 26th Ramadan 2024
  3. There is no limit on a Registered Participant getting the eCertificate everyday for being in the First 25 to give all Correct Answer !
Category B
Trophy & eCertificate for Top 200 among the 100% Attendance Participants
  1. At the end of 25th Daily Quiz we will have the Overall Score of all the Registered Participants
  2. We will identify all Registered Participants who have 100% Attendance
  3. From these 100% Attendance Participants, the Top 200 in their Overall Score will be given a Trophy 🏆+ eCertificate
  4. The Trophy will be sent to your addresses via courier on 26th Ramadan. Insha Allah
Category C 
Grand Finale – 26th Ramadan
Top 25 Winners Get Cash Prize + Trophy 🏆 + eCertificate 
Journey to the Grand Finale
  1. Every Participant gets 10 points for every correct answer in the Daily Quiz.
  2. At the end of the 25th Daily Quiz, every participant will have their Overall Score out of 2500 points.
  3. The Top 50 Ranks in the Overall Score will be eligible for Grand Finale !
  4. The Grand Finale will be held only for the Top 50 Ranks in the Overall Score of CIGMA Ramadan Quiz 2024
  5. Participants from Rank 51 till the last rank can participate in the Grand Finale Quiz but will not be eligible for the prizes and eCertificate.
Grand Finale Prize Money
1st Place
Rs.10,000 Cash Prize + Trophy 🏆 + eCertificate
2nd Place
Rs.7,000/- Cash Prize + Trophy 🏆 + eCertificate
3rd Place
Rs.5,000/- Cash Prize + Trophy 🏆 + eCertificate
4th Place to 10th Place
Rs.2,000/- Cash Prize + eCertificate
11th Place to 25th Place
Rs.1,000/- Cash Prize + eCertificate