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What is Ramadan and Why Ramadan is important for Muslims


What is Ramadan for muslim and Ever wondered why your muslim friend fasts for hours on end without eating or drinking anything? Maybe you believe that Ramadan is only the month of fasting, like a ritual to follow.

To those of you who are curious and who wish to know why we muslims fast particularly this month, this article is just for you!

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What is Ramadan ?

It is the holiest month in the Muslim Calendar and holds religious significance. It was during this month that the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the Archangel Jibreel (A.S). 

What is meant by Ramadan ?

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is revered for fasting daily from sunrise to sunset.

Why is Ramadan important ?

Ramadan is special because it’s the month when the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the angel Jibreel (Gabriel) in 610 AD. This event is known as Laylatul Qadr or the Night of Power, marking its significance.

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What is Ramadan Fasting and What do Muslims do apart from fasting during this time?

Apart from avoiding consumption of food and drinks, muslims need to refrain from other sins like backbiting , gossiping , complaining, gambling and other prohibited acts. It is also advised to control your temper during this period.

Ramadan teaches more about self-control and discipline of the soul rather than just controlling your cravings. It teaches you the value of your meals and how it feels for those who barely eat a meal everyday. 

Muslims stay in mosques even after prayers, reciting the Holy Quran. Some muslims practice  ‘itikaf’ which is a way of worshiping Allah by sitting in one place and offering supplications without being interrupted by wasteful activities or distractions.

Muslims also perform Taraweeh, which is an extra set of prayers offered after the night ( Isha) prayer. On the last 10 days of Ramadan, muslims spend the entire night before suhoor performing the prayers of Qiyam-ul-layl and are in a solemn state of meditation.

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How do they decorate their places during this month?

Ramadan is the most highly anticipated month for the muslims so it is fitting that they would want to welcome the month with lights and feasts. Typically, countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain fire a cannon to confirm the sighting of the moon as well as to announce the first fast of Ramadan and the announcement of Eid. 

This cannon fire, along with the sirens heard in India exhilarate the young and the old alike. It motivates youngsters to go all-out and make paper chains to adorn their homes. 

Fairy lights , Lanterns , billboards flashing ‘Ramadan Kareem’…these are some of the ways muslims express their joy over Ramadan. It is a wholesome and communal event and the sentiment is shared across the globe. 

Is it a diet plan of 30-days?

No, it is a soul-cleansing routine of 30-days that is not supposed to be stopped after Eid. Some people avoid listening to music during Ramadan and then revert back to their pre-ramadan selves no sooner Eid ends. Contrary to popular belief that Ramadan is a chance to lose tons of weight ; you lose no more than a few pounds during that time. Drastic weight loss can only happen when you change your lifestyle. 

And anyways, Ramadan isn’t the time for you to get that slim body with toned arms or the perfect glowy skin. You will have plenty of time to do that in the Hereafter when you are in Jannah. 

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Do they follow any other ritual during this time? 

Apart from Taraweeh, Quranic recitation, itikaf and constant supplications, it is a normal day for the muslims during ramadan. The key goal here is to keep making duas to Allah for forgiveness, his mercy and to protect us from the evils of this world and the Hereafter. 

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Ramadan is a time of oneness, universality, spirituality and a chance for people to cleanse their souls from all internal evil. Due to how Ramadan makes people peaceful and blessed and pure, muslims look forward to it the most so that they can pray and meditate all they want. It is a beautiful month and the bane of existence for all muslims.

Ramadan transcends a mere month of fasting. It’s a transformative experience that leaves a lasting impact on the lives of Muslims. It’s a period of intense self-reflection, prompting individuals to confront their shortcomings and strive for self-improvement. The act of fasting fosters empathy and compassion, reminding Muslims of the blessings they often take for granted and encouraging them to extend a helping hand to those less fortunate.

The focus on prayer and recitation of the Quran strengthens faith and deepens the connection with God. Ramadan fosters a powerful sense of community as Muslims come together for shared meals, prayers, and acts of charity. The joyous celebration of Eid al-Fitr marks the culmination of this spiritual journey, a time for forgiveness, renewal, and strengthening bonds with loved ones.

In essence, Ramadan is a gift – a time to reset, reconnect, and rediscover the core values of Islam. It’s a period of immense spiritual growth, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to living a more righteous and compassionate life. The lessons learned and the spiritual strength gained during Ramadan resonate throughout the year, guiding Muslims on their path towards a deeper connection with God and a more meaningful existence.